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Re: LOGO-L> Solving a Max Problem Using Logo

>To solve min-max problems we need usually calculus. But if we have
Logo, we can
>solve this sort of problems, with much younger students.
>Here's a sample problem:
>We create an open box from a cardboard square, with side length of 30
units. <snip>

Now if I was a little mathematician that had not yet had too much
book-larning I would write down the formula for the volume and start
filling in the numbers.  Make a table of the dimension x vs the

But Yehuda wanted me to use Logo.  So I would write the following
simple little formula and let it do its thing.  Dale

to box
for [x 15 0] [(print :x (30-2*:x)*(30-2*:x)*:x)]


15 0
14 56
13 208
12 432
11 704
10 1000
9 1296
8 1568
7 1792
6 1944
5 2000  The value of x for maximum box volume is 5.
4 1936
3 1728
2 1352
1 784
0 0
$ dale-reed@worldnet.att.net Seattle, Washington U.S.A. $

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