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Harnessing the Power of the Web

The Global Schoolhouse vision of the Internet in the classroom is grounded in an old-fashioned, student-centered, project-based learning point of view which is well supported in traditional educational literature. In this guide we apply the Internet and World Wide Web to this proven learning context where the Internet becomes a total information gathering, multimedia presentation, and global communications tool of enormous power to engage and challenge your students to learn and to excel.

On this CD-ROM you will find a wealth of in-depth resources, examples, models, guides and tutorials to assist you in using the Internet and Web as collaborative learning media.

Introduction to NetPBL: Collaborative Project-Based Learning
An introduction to the Internet as a tool for collaborative project-based learning. Tutorials and guides on how to find exemplary projects, and how to develop and manage your own project.
Building a Collaborative
Web Project

A comprehensive guide on how to build student-designed Web pages around your project... to share your project with "the world."  How to define, design and deliver a complete Web project from beginning to end.
Internet Research
A guide to conducting research on the Internet.. where and how to find the information you need and how to organize and use the information in your own project.
Library of References,
Readings and Resources

A valuable collection of web development guides and tutorials, educational resources and organizations.
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Powerpoint Slides from our recent workshops and conference presentations
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