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Our CyberFair Project:

Community Groups and Special Populations of Warrandyte.

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    Date of Project: 7th March1997
    School: Anderson's Creek Primary School
    District: Warrandyte
    City: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
    Teachers or Classes:
    Grade Three: Carole Egan, Val Lynch
    Grade Four: Elaine Robertson, Rick Gordon
    Grade Five: Karen Cochrane
    Grade Five/Six: Dianne Weinert
    Grade Six: Liz Falls
    How many students worked on this project? 180
    Their ages were: 8-11 years of age
    Project Contact Email:

    Project Overview

      Our CyberFair Category: Community Groups and Special Populations

      Description of "Our Community"
      Warrandyte is a small township of 10,000 people living around the Yarra River on the North-Eastern outskirts of Melbourne.Originally settled as a pastoral district, the population grew when gold was discovered in the 1850's. The Warrandyte community takes in Donvale, Park Orchards, Warranwood, South Warrandyte, Wonga Park and Kangaroo Ground. Because of the town's history and relative isolation from the suburbs of Melbourne, the people of Warrandyte are a very 'close' community. Our Local Community consists of lots of different people who live here, give us information, take us on tours and help us to look after our natural surroundings. It is also our native animals,State Parks,Yarra River, Anderson's Creek and our Gold Mines. Our community is our Clubs, such as Sports Clubs, Local Community Clubs, APEX, Lions Club, Scouts and Guides. It is our Schools and kindergartens. In our community we have churches, a cemetery, sporting areas, open air entertainment areas and the Community Centre and Hall. We have many Craft shops, Galleries, Pottery cottages and restaurants. Our Community is our Warrandyte Festival, where we can all have lots of fun and entertainment. Our Community is a great place in which to live. Summary of Our Project
      We are studying Community Groups as part of our Study of Society and Environment, and groups of students from each class have gathered information about each of the groups, including Service, Sporting, Recreation, Church, Educational, Arts, and Emergency Service groups. The Grade Three and Four classes went on a walk along the Yarra River through to the town and visited the Community Centre, seeing over 20 groups during the walk. The students then used the information they had gathered, and produced a page of information about each of the groups. They have also drawn and scanned graphics and photos, and created activities to accompany their page.
      Our Internet Access
      We have a computer laboratory with 16 IBM Pentium Computers all networked to a Laser printer. 13 of these computers are connected to the internet through a router which is connected to a modem.
      Problems We Had To Overcome
      Half way through our project, the computers in the computer room were upgraded to Pentiums with Windows '95. We had to find where the old computers had been set up around the school, and save our work onto disks. Scanning our work also took a lot of time, with small groups of students working in the computer room on one computer. We also found that the time line for Australian schools was very limiting because we have new grades at the beginning of the year and with only 6 weeks to work on the project, it does cause some limitations. We also found it difficult to convert our video into VDOlive and with the limited time span found it difficult to get support.
      Our Project Sound Bite
      We got to learn a lot about computer programs, scanners and publishing on the 'Net.

    Project Elements

    This project fitted into our curriculum because in the curriculum area, Studies of Society and the Environment, we were developing an understanding of our Local Community Groups and how they function and how membership of groups affects the identity of individuals. It also gave us an excellent insight into sharing information around the World Wide Web and how to develop a Web page and send Email which is apart of Information Technology. We would like this project to become a sharing with other children around the world, by people contacting us via our email address, after enjoying our CyberFair Project. We learnt lots more about making Web pages and we look forward to making even more. We learnt how to scan graphics and then save them as jpeg images and sharpen them. We loo forward to making lots more web pages for Internet projects. We also enjoyed talking with many people in our community and learning lots more information about Community Groups of Warrandyte and also looking at community groups of long ago and how they have affected Warrandyte today.

  1. What information tools and technologies did you use to complete your CyberFair project?

    The walk to the community centre was most helpful because we could see where each of the community groups meet and examples of what they do. Direct personal experience was also of great benefit, because children could write about groups that they were familiar with.

    The children used a number of information technologies and media, including telephones to conduct interviews, tape recorders to record sound, and video cameras, digitizers and scanners to record images, especially during a visit from the Country Fire Authority.

    Computer software programs used included FrontPage, HotDog, VisionPort, CorelPaint, Paintshop Pro, PaintBrush and MsWorks.

    The children found information in libraries, books and pamphlets which was particularly helpful because it was already written down, and often had graphics as well.

    Internet Web Sites were also used, and were especially helpful for the State Emergency Service and C.F.A. Groups.

  2. In what ways did you act as "ambassadors" and spokespersons for your CyberFair project both on-line and in person.

    We contacted many people in our communtiy when we were researching about Community groups in Warrandyte. They were really impressed about what we were doing, infact a lot of people didn't even know about the Internet. We have invited all our parents up to the school, for a CyberFair World Wide Page Launch Night to be part of this exciting project, to view and listen too what we've been doing. I'm sure they'll be impressed, because they didn't have computers when they went to school! We have an Open Night on March 24th, where we will be showing people what we have done with the CyberFair. It will be very exciting to feel so important. Many people, like the volunteers from the Historical society and the Friends of the Park volunteers all felt very proud to be part of this exciting event. We are looking forward to sharing our project around other schools in Victoria. The Victorian Teacher's Newspaper, The Education News, is going to do an article on us about what we have been doing with the International CyberFair. We hope that it will mean lots of good things for our school and lots of sharing with other schools! Maybe next Cyberfair lots more Victorian schools will be keen to participate as well.

  3. What has been the impact of your project on your community?

    Our project has made a big impact on our community, because we are the only school in our community to make a Web page about Community Groups in Warrandyte. To have our Cyberfair Project on the WWW, will make people in our community very proud of us, because we have shown people around the world, what our community offers to everyone. People will learn about all the Community groups of Warrandyte which they may not have known existed. We think that through articles in the local newspapers, people will be very interested to view our Web page and see what great things we have done about our community to share around the world. This project has done wonderful things to show what school children are able to do and how we have people within our local community who can help us in achieving such a great project. Many schools not only around Victoria, but around Australia and the World will be interested to look at our project.

  4. How did your project involve other members of your community as helpers and volunteers?

    A parent, Doug Robb, has helped to present the project, but he hasn't had to do nearly as much work as last year.
    Juanda Ismail from Mag-net, an Education Support Group helped us with some of the vidoes. Many children interviewed people in their Community group and wrote letters asking for information.
    Two students, Jordan and Thomas, from the Grade 5 classes became experts at scanning and making their web pages. The RSL and SES provided us with pamphlets and the CFA and Police visited us and talked to us.

    Discoveries, Lessons and Surprise
    We all learnt something new about each community group that we studied.
    We also learnt more about making web pages and scanning graphics.

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