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Projects: 94-95

Igniting the Pioneer Spirit


Cyberfair 1996:

Historical Landmarks of Reedley and Kings Canyon Unified School District


History, Heritage, Legends, the Land

World Fruit Basket


Cyberfair 1998:

Patty Reed's Doll
Wildflower's of the World


Progressive Story
Patty Reed's Doll
Wildflowers of the World
International Fest
Arctic Challenge
Travel Buddies
and more


Cyberfair 2000

International Fest
Patty Reed's Doll
Progressive Story
North Star
Travel Buddies
Wildflowers of the World
Mystery Card
and more

2000-01 Internet Projects


Alta's Internet Projects are continually growing. This site shows a fraction of actual work done. Alta's explorations began in 1994, and have developed into a unique blend of history and natural resources with connections across the United States and around the globe. We welcome collaborative efforts with educators around the world. Please let us know if you find the projects useful or wish to make links to various projects.

Cyberfair 2000 This Cyberfair project integrates several Internet projects for the 1999-2001 school years. The theme is on celebrating community and diversity. Children are sharing about significant people and organizations of the past and present who help to make a difference in the community and beyond. Special highlights are the development of the "Rails to Trails" Project in Reedley. The "International Fest" is a special celebration where other school communities are invited to celebrate the collaborations they are sharing with each other. The stars we are reaching for are those of our past, our present, and our future and how students can set their goals on making a powerful lasting contribution to share.

International Fest


This project is devoted to celebration of international friendships. The purpose is to promote cultural awareness and actively encourage children to become "ambassadors" in promoting international peace and harmony.

The first International Fest was held on January 28, 1999. The second celebration was in February, 2000. Celebration for 2001 is scheduled for May 4. If you are interested in participating, please contact project designer and coordinator, Cheryl Vitali.

Each participating school is encouraged to develop their own unique celebration to share. Whether folding peace cranes in Japan or having a fiesta in Canada, the focus is on celebrating the global friendships and harmony that can develop from classroom collaboration.

Students at Alta Elementary are participating in MayaQuest 2001. This promises to be the most exciting quest yet, because the Quest Team is hosting our travel buddy Quesla as they trek through Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala. Every day is an exploration. The journal will continue after the quest down to Ecuador, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. From there....? Many classrooms locally and around the world are participating in this special exploration with Alta students. During the Quest, daily updates (Monday-Friday) are being posted as the team searches for clues to the mystery of why the ancient Maya cities were abandoned.

Students at Alta Elementary enjoyed participating in AustraliaQuest in the fall of 2000. Their exploration began the first day of the school year hosting Olympic Travel Buddies from Sydney, followed the dreamline of the Aborigines with the Quest Team, and culminated in a Corrorrboree near Thanksgiving. Our buddies arrived home in February and we are still working with materials to share on our Web site.

Students at Alta Elementary enjoyed America Quest during March 2000. Check out some of the student work influenced by our exploration of Native Americans and the mystery of the Four Corners region and the ancient Anasazi.

Classroom Connect awarded Cheryl Vitali the first "Internet Educator of the Year Award" at their conference in Chicago on February 18, 2000. The year promises to have tremendous impact as teachers and students at Alta, Kings Canyon, and elsewhere benefit from the extended collaborations and resources this partnership continues to develop.

Arctic Challenge

Students in Room 11 followed Jon Waterman's exciting adventures in the Northwest Territories during the 1998-99 school year. They learned about the Inuit, celebrated the returning of Nunavut (the Land) to the Inuit (the people) by the Canadian government on April 1, 1999. Students made fascinating connections between the project and other curriculum. This project is part of a collaborative effort with Adventure Online. The collaboration continued into the 1999-2000 school year. During Alta's second International Fest held February 25, 2000 an online chat was held with Jon Waterman, students, and guests. 

Image curtesy of Adventure Online  

Progressive Story

Lone Nielson's students began this story in Denmark. This is a wild international story with 16 chapters done by school children all over the world. Alta's "Wild Valley Rangers" wrote chapter 10 and the conclusion to this mystery in the Bermuda Triangle. This project began the 1998-99 school year at Alta and students began the 1999-2000 year writing the conclusion for the project. The partnership with Hornbaek and other children continues to bring in global diversity on a daily basis.

Images from Chapter 16

has been a theme for students in Room 11 throughout the 1999-2000 school year. Peter Reynold's unique work and artistic style has become a part of the classroom and daily activities of the students.

It reflects in their writing, their artwork, and their own unique perceptions of themselves and their unique journey through life. A sample of the impact is seen in their essays on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Travel Buddies

Students in Room 11 have sent out international travel buddies Fauna and Scotty and Sarah and Tuffy to other countries. They have also hosted Snuitje from Haarlem, the Netherlands and Rasmus Klump from Denmark. Some of the exchange highlights are online.

Wildflowers of the World

Into every life a little rain must fall, from it comes all the wonders of creation each spring.
Please check on the beautiful reports from California and other locations around the world.

This project is open to ANY PARTICIPANTS worldwide who wish to CONNECT similar work to site. Special help will be given to schools who do not have access to server space.



This is a special collaboration/mentorship of teachers around the world. The group began informally from dialogue begun in November, 1997. Please check on the site devoted to this group which serves as a springboard to their diverse award winning, international projects. Please note this group is so prolific in beginning, developing, or participating in diverse Internet projects that these pages are never updated enough! Please send an e-mail for direct inquiries about projects that may currently be happening. The group supports projects with a range of interests suitable to any age level and interest with a focus on environmental and humanitarian concerns.

Patty Reed's Doll is a unique American collaboration that formally concluded in May 1998. Vickie Bloom has repeated this project in 1999 and 2000 school years. Look for connections to future Web pages being designed by Vickie Bloom's students in spring of 2000.



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