Historical Landmarks of Escondido

City of Escondido
San Diego County, California, USA
Created by L. R. Green School
Escondido Union School District
Cyberfair 97 Project Winner: 3rd Place
Narrative of our Project

Grape Day Park San Pasqual Battlefield Felicita Park

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Escondido Community

There are many historical sites in our community. We picked three of the major historical landmarks to highlight on this site. San Pasqual Battlefield, Grape Day Park and Felicita Park will provide exciting information about our past. Our community is in San Diego County, on the Pacific Coast of the United States. Escondido's latitude is 33 degrees North and its longitude is 7 degrees West. Our city consists of 35.6 square miles. The elevation is 684 feet. Escondido became a city on October 8th, 1888. For every square mile of Escondido there are 3,511 people. The total population of Escondido is 125,000 people. Our ethnically diverse population of residents in Escondido consists of 73% Anglo, 21% Hispanic, 3% Asian, 1% Black, 1% Native American, and less than 1% Pacific Islands. The median Age for an Escondido Resident is 30.8 years old. This information was received through a phone interview with the Escondido Librarian.

Written by Alexa Gelvin (8th grade)
Interview with librarian was done by Jillian Lusky (3rd Grade).

Here are some important places to find information about Escondido City:

Escondido Public Library
Escondido City
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Escondido Historical Landmarks Project is an extension of the "Building the Future" K-TALK (Kids Telecommunication Access Linking Knowledge) Project and GEM (Global Educational Multimedia), a district technology model. The M & M Program received a Golden Bell Award from the California School Boards Association.

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