Who is Responsible for our Environment? EVERYBODY!
At Burley Middle School we have for a long time been aware that we all have a part to play in looking after our environment. For many years our school has organised a "Recycling Saturday" every 4 weeks to help the village recycle, and help charity organisations through the money raised.

In February 1998 the school play "Layers" was all about raising peoples' awareness on environmental issues.

Also in our French lessons in Year 8 we watch the module entitled "L'Environnment Locale" from the BBC TV programme "Jeunes Francophones". This showed us how students in three francophone (French speaking) countries try to help their environment. The recycling campaign run by the Collège Rosemont in particular made us wonder whether we could extend our own recycling campaign and do more recycling WITHIN school itself.

All these issues made us take a closer look at what we already do to help our environment and, to see if there is anything further we can do. We were also interested in seeing what steps others were taking in other parts of the world.

We split up into groups and each took certain aspects to research and write up about. These fell into three main categories, which often overlapped.
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