International Schools CyberFair 98
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Roar of the Lion City

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  5. Date of Project: 14 March 1998
  6. School: Cedar Girls' Secondary School
    Country: Singapore
  7. Teachers or Classes:
    Teacher-in-Charge: Miss Low Hwee Bin
  8. The students who have participated in this project are Thidar Swe Tin, Tan Hwee Xian, Christine Chuah, Jacqueline Chen, Justina Ee and Ang Chui Har of Secondary 4N.
  9. How many students worked on this project? 6
  10. Their ages were: 15 to 16 years old
  11. Project Contact Email:

Project Overview

Our Project is under Web site in CyberFair Category:
Category 3: Business and Community Organisation

The sunset view of the financial hub

Description of "Our Community"
As described by the World Economic Forum, Singapore is indeed the world's most competitive economy in the latest global competition index. Due to her lack of natural resources, her economy is very much influenced by international trade, hence the great emphasis by the government on training and education of her people to attract foreign investments.

We are strategically situated in the centre of the workforce of South-east Asia, making our location ideal for countries around us to meet and discuss business matters. Having an excellent communication and transport infrastructure in Singapore, we are able to connect efficiently with the rest of the world.

We are a multi-racial nation, continually striving to become a world-class society in the world. Due to this, we strive to understand one another and are always willing to accept people into Singapore, to join forces with us to forge onwards into the new millenium.

In conclusion, our dynamic community is a potpourri of business and IT-savvy people from all walks of life.

Summary of Our Project

"Roar of the Lion City" is a prologue to one of the busiest and the top convention cities in Asia--SINGAPORE. Most foreigners, especially potential investors, will be interested to find out what the miniature island of Singapore has to offer to the world in terms of business prospects and other related matters. In our entry, we have provided an interactive and innovative overview of some of the vibrant economic activities in Singapore (such as entrepot trade, technology, mass communications and travel) as well as how these various activities contribute to her growth as an international trading centre. Exclusive interviews with a few successful local business executives are featured as well, to expose viewers to some real-life experiences.

The community is a essential part of Singapore's society where people from all walks of life come together to help one another. Singaporeans take part in the various activities organised by these community organisations to boost national morale, and to mingle in our country's multi-racial culture. In our pursuit, we strive onwards to the new millenium.

Through this project, we have tried to ensure that surfers will find the entry an interesting, innovative and beneficial one. It is an endeavour to make the site as user-friendly and easy to comprehend as possible as such we sincerely hope you will enjoy surfing through this website.


Our Internet Access
We obtained our Internet Access through a 64K lease line from Pacific Internet, our local Internet Service Provider.

Problems We Had To Overcome

Our Project Sound Bite
'Few things are impossible to diligence and skill.
Great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance.'
---Samuel Johnson

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This section explains how your project addressed the project elements found in the CyberFair Assignment to Schools.

1) How did your activities and research for this International School CyberFair project support your required coursework and curriculum requirements?

The Cedar School CrestThe curriculum in Cedar focuses on independent learning, information seeking skills and information   technology skills. The school's mission is to nurture in Cedarians a sense of purpose, responsibility, graciousness, and team spirit so as to develop our girls into mature and well-adjusted individuals in an ever-changing world.

As part of our curriculum, 'Career Guidance', an extremely important module of our pastoral care programmes, is taught. In this module, students are usually required to brainstorm on certain themes, such as how one should go about getting a good job, or what business prospects are available in Singapore. Yearly, students are also invited to attend career exhibitions at the World Trade Centre to ensure that the students are exposed to the working world, so that they will be better prepared for their careers.

We went through the collecting data process, doing first hand observation and sourcing for information using the internet search engines. From there, we learnt to organise and evaluate information. This project has also given us a closer insight to the advantages and disadvantages of the working life in Singapore. We have learnt to be tactful when interviewing people and hence improved our public relations skills.

With regards to group dynamics, we have become better at understanding one another's needs and problems. We have built a closer and better collaboration between the team members. This experience in co-operation and teamwork, has undoubtedly made the completion of this entry a most enjoyable one.

Lastly, the use of Information Technology tools in our school offers limitless opportunities for developing independent learning, thinking skills and creativity.

2) What information tools and technologies did you use to complete your CyberFair project?

We made use of some basic communication equipment such as telephones and faxes to contact each other in the team and to gather related information from business and community organisations. We took photographs at the various sites using a digital still camera (Sony Digital Mavica).

We searched through the Internet for more information on related topics and on-line databases. A few sources of invaluable information were also derived from interviews with some experienced business professionals.

The basic computer hardware and software are all obtainable from the computer laboratory in our school. These include Microsoft FrontPage 98, Adobe PhotoShop 4.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, Netscape Navigator 4.0, Microsoft Image Composer 1.5, as well as other similar and/or related programmes. The Hewlett Packard Scanjet 3C was used to scan photographs too. All these advanced technology certainly made the job of creating our website very much easier and more adept!

3) In what ways did you act as "ambassadors" and spokespersons for your CyberFair project both on-line and in person.

It was necessary for us to contact numerous organisations such as the Police Headquarters, National Library and Stock Exchange of Singapore to acquire information for our website. In the process, we had to give and explain details of our International Cyberfair 98 project. Due to the fact that most of these organisations are major business companies, we had to get through several employees before the information was made available.

The Potong Pasir Neighbourhood Police Post was especially supportive of our project. The Deputy Officer-in-charge was kind enough to grant us an interview. He also provided us with some brochures and magazines.

4) What has been the impact of your project on your community?

Most Singaporeans are not completely aware of the elements that have contributed to Singapore's growth as an independent and modernised republic. Our website has effectively summarised the few major organisations that act as the pillars of Singapore--the ones which support her and nurture her, helping her to flourish gradually over the years.

By surfing through our website, you would be able to get a glimpse what makes the Lion City roar! Many of the successes highlighted in these organisations are key elements to the stability of the nation. This might prove crucial to potential investors who are interested to be a part of the economic hub of Singapore.

Lastly, this project is additive to all those who wish to get a feel of what is it like to live in Singapore--where there are endless surprises and discoveries!

5) How did your project involve other members of your community as helpers and volunteers?

The teachers have been our guiding lights throughout the completion of this project. They provided us with tremendous help and encouragement. Special thanks to Mdm Low Kwee Choo (HOD of IT) and Ms Low Hwee Bin (teacher-in-charge), for doing their best to provide the essential facilities for our team to work on. Credit also goes to Mdm Dhillon (HOD English), Mrs Lim Kim Choo (HOD of Humanities) and Mr David Roberts, who took the trouble to edit our materials. Mr Adrian Lim, our Information Systems Officer (ISO), also deserves special mention for doing all the extra work and overtime without grumbles. We would like to thank Mr Goh Beng Yeow, our ambassador, for inviting us to take part in this competition and giving us support at every corner and milestone. Lastly, we would like to express our gratitude to the following school teams who have provided us with invaluable advice and feedback throughout the entire project: Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), The Chinese High School, CHIJ St Nicholas, Raffles Institution, River Valley Secondary, Victoria School and Xinmin Secondary.