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[International Schools CyberFair 96]
Project Narrative

 School : North Surrey Secondary School
 District : School District No. 36
 City : Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Information About Our Site

Teachers or Classes:
Computer Applications 11/12, Mr. Jim Brock.

How many students worked on this project? 4

Their ages were:
15-17 years of age

The following people helped us :
Cathy Tan, David Penburg, Jim Brock.

Project Contact Email:

Project Overview

We entered our Web site in CyberFair Category:
Business and Community Organizations

Description of "Our Community" :

Our community, North Surrey, is a suburb on the outskirts of Vancouver, the third largest city in Canada located in southern British Columbia on the Pacific coast. It has a rich multi-cultural diversity, an expanding industrial base as well as the fastest growing urban centre in Canada, Surrey City Centre. As part of the Fraser Valley, the residents of Surrey have access to all of the Pacific Rim countries as well as a wide variety of outdoor activities, and natural resources.

Summary of Our Project :

Our web site provides an outlook on North Surrey from our school's perpective. As it is a school publication, it contains information about the school, including unique courses, teacher profiles and current events. There is also information on public facilities in the community and an outline of business and development opportunities in Surrey, emphasizing the Surrey City Centre.

Project Elements

1. How did your activities and research for this International School CyberFair 96 project support your required coursework and curriculum requirements?

This project was a perfect match for our Computer Applications Program, a course in which students pick their own projects and see them through to complete them. Before this, we had little knowledge in HTML and web-sites. We have learned to manage our own time and had a number of brushes with Murphy's Law.

Lightning struck our school the day before the deadline, shutting off all the power in the school. As a result, we had to bring the school computer home and there, we realized to our dismay, that the power supply was fried.

2. What information tools and technologies did you use to complete your CyberFair project?

With limited use of HTML software, we decided to write all of the hyper-text in a regular text editor. Our graphics are 100% original and polished using Photoshop, Painter and other similar programs. On the hardware side :

3. In what ways did you act as "ambassadors" and spokespersons for your CyberFair project both on-line and in person?

We made many contacts in the community. We spoke with teachers, students, local business people including developers, a number of service clubs as well as coordinators of the public facilities. We used telephones, fax, and modems as methods of communication.

4. What has been the impact of your project on your community?

IntraWest Corp., developers of the Gateway project, and A.R. Thompson Ltd. have expressed an interest in our project They seemed impressed with our skills, and are seriously considering a web page of their own, produced by our team.

5. How did your project involve other members of your community as helpers and volunteers?

The School Newspaper offered their articles for use in the current events section. All of the teachers and staff were very supportive of this project. All of the local business and Non-Profit orgranisations went out of their way to help us. Special thanks to Jim Brock, our teacher, who stayed after school and was available on weekends for any assistance that we may have required.

6. What other things have you done at your school to "Share and Unite" with your community?

A number of businesses, have engaged in projects similar to this one. They have expressed an interest in becomming linked to the North Surrey Net Scene after seeing a demonstration of our home page. We are currently canvassing a number of Internet Service Providers. It is our intention to develop a partnership with an Internet Service Provider for a permanent home site once the CyberFair competition is complete. As our part of the partnership, we will encourage our business partners and community organizations to locate their home pages with our Internet service provider. We anticipate numerous oppourtunities to author home pages as a result.

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