St. Patrick's Primary School, Victoria, Australia

Tongala's Specialities

Tongala is a small town situated 180 kilometres from Melbourne. There are a lot of different features in this town like the Golden Cow tourist place and the Nestle milk factory. Tongala's also a friendly place and good for when you want to get away from all the city traffic. Tongala was founded in 1841. Our school St. Patrick's was built in 1959.

St. Patrick's School has 63 children. We have 3 full time teacher's. There are 20 children in our class of grade 4/5/6 the ages of the children are from 9 years old to 13 years old. We are all involved in making these web pages.

We have chosen to do our project on Tongala's specialities. Each table group in our class is working on a different speciality.