Welcome to PAVASOS - An online-display of the Performing And Visual Arts Scene Of Singapore.

This website is produced for Cyberfair 1999 and its main aim is to introduce the splendid and unique arts scene in Singapore, which consists of the various art forms from the 3 major racial groups -- the Chinese, Malays and Indians -- to everybody out there.

Over the months, we have done intensive research on the various Performing and Visual Arts of Singapore and come up with this comprehensive and vibrant website for you to have a better insight into how local music and art forms mould the community experience of Singapore. We hope that you will enjoy the cyber-journey through the arts scene of Singapore and perhaps someday, make a trip down to our island nation and experience this eclectic fusion of cultures entrenched in Asian roots for yourself!

Singapore is more of a mixing bowl then a melting pot when it comes to the Arts. Since time began, when the pioneers of Singapore made their way here and brought along their individual culture and arts to our shores, Singapore's cultural and arts scene has slowly developed. Most of the arts of the various racial groups have managed to survive time and can still be found today.

The various art forms have managed to preserve their individual identity while forming the gigantic cultural puzzle of Singapore. A local favourite, Rojak, which is an original local version of a salad can be used to illustrate this situation. Each of the ingredients used in the preparation of the snack still retains their own flavour while contributing to the unique taste of Rojak.

PAVASOS' 2 main focuses are on the Performing and Visual arts of Singapore. Just click on any of the 2 icons below to start an intriguing journey into the exuberant cultural scene of Singapore. Sit back, relax and let your fingers do the walking!

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