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Date of Project: 31st March 1998
School: CHIJ St.Nicholas Girls' School
Country: Singapore
Teacher-In-Charge: Mrs Koh Ming Hwee
How many students worked on this project? 3 students
Their ages were: 14-15 years of age
Project Contact Email: Lee Liting ; Wong Su Ling ; Yeo Jian Bi Jackling

Project Overview

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Description of "Our Community"

Singapore is a global junction, a crossroads of the world, and she has to find a balance between the different parts of the world --- North, South, East and West, and to maintain it.

It is a harsh reality that the only natural resources Singapore has is her people, and it is also obvious that as a resource, people are unpredictable and singularly transient. This makes leadership a unique but very difficult task. Singapore’s situation itself is a very unusual one. Its people are either immigrants or the descendants of immigrants from all over the world but especially from the surrounding region. Their varied cultures give added colour to our way of life but it is also the factor that makes the task of building the national spirit much more challenging. The government has to work very hard to unite the people from diverse backgrounds into one cohesive body, working closely and co-operatively to achieve harmony, progress and prosperity.

Over the last few decades, Singapore has braved many a storm and has survived, with many leaders of exceptional ability at the helm, steering the nation, together charting their course, onward, forward, towards the future.

Summary of Our Project

Leadership of such a small city-state at the crossroads is indeed a mammoth task. Singapore must maintain a central stand astride the global junction. Yet, she must be alert and nimble enough for all emergencies, flexible enough to make changes to stay viable and strong enough to withstand the rough seas, the raging currents and the changing tides. Above all, she has to be vigilant and wise enough to ensure that she keeps a balance in relation to the rest of the world.

Singapore was fortunate to have had a team of leaders who worked with passion to maintain a steady course despite many fears and uncertainty. Those leaders were all driven by a strong sense of responsibility and a deep commitment to their mission. Now, the younger generations of Singaporeans have grown up, used to the good life, not fully aware of Singapore’s turbulent past and not quite feeling the urgency and importance of their helping to shape the future.

Leeder's Edge will focus on one of the greatest leaders in Singapore’s history, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. We aim to showcase his capability, his many contributions to the rapid rise of Singapore, and his impact towards what we are today. We also hope that our effort will stimulate thought among our young people in particular and will inspire those with the potential to rise and lead our people with confidence and wisdom into the 21st century. When such a situation occurs, the words in our national anthem will be fulfilled --- "Mari Kita, rakyat Singapura, sama-sama Menuju, behagia!"

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