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The 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at
St. Martha School
Welcome you to Lansing, Michigan

by Jon H. (Grade 5) & Matt S. (Grade 4)

Hi, I'm Louie Lugnut!

A lugnut is something that holds the wheel on a car. There are usually five of us on a wheel. I came from an Oldsmobile Achieva. I was spinning around town, as usual, when I loosened up and fell off the wheel. I landed by the roadside right in front of St. Martha School, in Okemos, Michigan. During recess, Matthew found me and put me in his pocket and after playtime he showed me to all his schoolmates. That is where I met all of my friends whom I think are some of the brightest 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders in the world.

Later that morning, as he and his classmates left for a fieldtrip to see Lansing attractions their bus driver, Mrs. Helen Grainger, was having trouble with the bus. She said that a wheel was missing a lugnut. I saved the day, when Matthew pulled me out of his pocket and gave me to the driver. She put me on the wheel and the bus was ready to go. That is how I became good friends with the students of St. Martha School. And that's when our adventures around the Greater Lansing Area began.

Join us as we showcase the man-made and natural attractions in Lansing, the capital city of Michigan!

Louie and his friends learn about money
Louie and his friends visit Mother Nature
Louie and his friends learn about the 3 R's
Louie and his friends meet government leaders
Louie and his friends go out on the town
Louie and his friends discover a panda x-ing
Louie and his friends in the news
Photo album of our CyberFair 96 adventures
Louie and his friends recommend a Sister City for Lansing!
It's time for a QUIZ

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