Welcome to the Musical World of California's Diablo Valley


The Diablo Valley by Kelsey, grade 3

From the highest point on Mt. Diablo, the same Grinch that had stolen Christmas could hear sounds. Music sounds. Beautiful, lovely, music sounds coming from everywhere--the schools, homes, churches, and concert halls in the valley below.

We invite you now to experience the world of music in the Diablo Valley. Enjoy!

This project was written by:
G.A.T.E. Class
Woodside Elementary School
Concord, California

We have four areas we hope you'll explore:

Woodside students visit rehearsals and performances of community music groups
Members of the California Symphony visit our school and teach about their instruments
Guess which music group is playing
Our big list of music groups in the Diablo Valley

What's a music site without music?

As you explore our site, you will come to several sound samples. The samples are only 5 to 6 seconds long, but expect a delay of up to a minute while they load (depending on the speed of your modem). Once the file has loaded, you can listen to the same sample again with no delay.

If you are unable to listen to the files, check with your browser's support staff to learn how to set up sound.

This project is a CyberFair 97 winner!! It was awarded 2nd place in the Local Music and Art Forms Category of CyberFair 97.

To learn how this project was created, read our CyberFair Project Narrative.

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